Deep Diver

The incredible emotion of going deep, the desire to “fly” into the blue water  and explore the depth, the chance to see marine organisms not present in shallow water, these are just some of the reasons that encourage us to continue our diving experience to the deep dives but we understand if we increase the depth need to pay more attention to our diving techniques. DEEP DIVER course does just that, we will learn to manage ourselves and our deep adventure in complete safety.

A target for all divers
No special equipment required
Minimum certification required: Open Water
3 deep dives included
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"Fly" to the deep blue, feeling the heartbeat and seeing gradually materializing the bottom is one of the strongest emotions that a diver can feel


You will learn techniques for deep diving, special equipment and safety procedures, the signals and will do exercises to increase your sense of confidence in the deep sea


The course is available in the online version and can be combined with other specialties to achieve recognition as the certificate ADVANCED DIVER


Follow theoretical and practical lessons with a minimum of 3 specialty dives



Buy a pack of 2 specialty immediately receive a free certification SPECIALTY DIVER and you can continue your diving career to become MASTER DIVER.

Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers with minimum Open Water Diver certification
It will be made a presentation of the suggested equipment for deep dives, but you can still dive with standard equipment
The deep dive thrusts you into an entirely new marine scenery. Very often with a limited certification to 18 meters is not possible to fully enjoy the beautiful creatures of the sea because the most interesting walls are usually found under 25 meters and so most of the wrecks around the world. After finishing the DEEP DIVER course you will have reached 40 meters, the maximum depth for recreational diving
Absolutely not! But only if it is done according to the rules and with the appropriate skills!