Pure fun!

DPV – Dive Propulsion Vehicle

Using an underwater vehicle or scooter or “pork” how it is called in divers slang is a fun experience, but also very useful when we have to explore large dive sites or very long wrecks. Even in strong current conditions it is a great help to avoid fatigue and back to boat without any problem.

Then it becomes an element almost essential when we go deeper into technical diving and carry additional decompression cylinders.

The DPV course teaches all the techniques of use, care and maintenance of the vehicle and provides hands-on experience to find the best set-up during the dive.

Extremely fun
Suitable for recreational and technical diving
DPV provided by the Diving Center
2 boat dives and one in shallow water
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Hovering in midwater, make spirals and somersaults or simply be worn comfortably around admiring the sea bottom, all this is possible with an underwater vehicle you can decide what you prefer!


It sounds easy but it is not! In fact, what may seem trivial it is not all that much because you need the appropriate expertise to manage your buoyancy with an underwater vehicle, and this is our mission


The course is available in the online version, but of course the practical part is essential to become familiar with this type of diving that can be combined with other specialties for the achievement of the MASTER DIVER


Theoretical lessons / practices and 2 dives are planned with the use of underwater vehicle provided by the Diving Center
Specialties package



Buy a pack of 4 specialties including DPV / Scooter Diver and you will receive free of charge the SSI MASTER DIVER, the highest step for a diver at a recreational level.

Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers with minimum Open Water Diver certification
Our diving center will provide you for free any particular equipment necessary for the course and obviously the DPV!
Simply because it is fun and very useful especially if you plan to begin technical diving courses because then it might even become critical to use an adequate underwater vehicle
For 12 years only if the child is already Junior Open Water Diver
It is low-end products, of course if you want you can use but the drag force is low and usually with a very limited autonomy, we provide professional underwater vehicles SUEX, the leader in its field.