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Dry Suit Diver

Make diving a year-round activity by learning the basics of using a dry suit. The Dry Suit Diving program will teach you how to select and properly use your personally fitted dry suit. Aside from your comfort underwater, proper insulation and protection is also important for your safety.

Best course to dive all year round
Contact us before to agree the size of dry suit
Equipment provided by our Dive Center
2 dives
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Comfort is guaranteed with a course Dry Suit Diver, from now on you will not suffer the cold while diving


Use a dry suit without proper training is not recommended and dangerous because you risk not handle the trim and make uncontrolled ascents. At the end of the course you will be able to handle the equipment to the fullest!


The course is available in the online version but of course the theory is very soft, the training underwater is much important. This course goes perfectly with other specialties


Follow theoretical lessons / practice in shallow water and a minimum of 2 specialty dives
Equipment included


149 €

Sign up for the course Dry Suit Diver, please send us your sizes to provide you the dry suit, also if you want to buy it until the course you will receive a coupon with a discount in certain shops

Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers, also can be done combining the Open Water Diver if you attend the course in winter period
Well obviously the dry suit, but it is not necessary to buy it, now many Diving Center rent these suits without problems. We still offer our customers the ability to purchase at discounted prices in a few shops showing your course voucher.
I think every diver loves to dive all year round, but usually we are held back from the winter cold and then for several months remain "dry" out of the water instead stay "dry" underwater dive at any temperature, just choose the proper clothing to wear underneath your suit.
From 10 years old, but usually they are not dry suits so small so before the 13/14 years it is difficult to participate
Aside from the relief not to feel the cold, what is difficult is to find the set-up and neutral buoyancy because you need to put air into the suit in order to detach from the body and create a thermal insulation.