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Enriched Air Nitrox

How many times have you had to stop the exploration of a wonderful drop-off  because your computer told you that you had to go back? Well the solution to be able to stretch this time has called Nitrox!

It is a mixture of oxygen enriched gas and depleted of nitrogen, so you accumulate less nitrogen during the dive and your blood is more oxygenated, this ensures longer dive times or the possibility to dive several times a day with more security.

But to do this you must be familiar with all the peculiarities attending a course Enriched Air Nitrox.

Online theory
Perfect for those who love to take pictures and video underwater
Practical exercises and planning of Nitrox diving
Possibility to add boat dives
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Single dives and especially longer repetitive dives so more fun and possibilities to stop and take pictures and videos, or explore a wreck, etc.


Increase the safety of the dives is not a small matter, if you divewith Nitrox the accumulation of Nitrogen is really less, you're more confident and you feel less tired at the end of the dives


The course is available in the online version, mainly provides theory and some exercises to analyze the gases in the cylinder and labeling


Usually we match at least 1 dive, but it is not requested to complete the course



Until April those who enroll in a course Enriched Air Nitrox benefits from discounted rate, you can download the digital manual and study at home to complete the course to the sea when you want. It is also possible to combine this certification to a PADI Open Water or other specialties to obtain the certification SPECIALTY DIVER!

Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers with minimum Open Water Diver certification
No special equipment, you can use your own if you have to because up to 40% oxygen-enriched air nothing change with the equipment needed
Very often we are excited from marine life but the time available underwater is too short, after the Nitrox course you will stay longer underwater, but not only, you will be safer breathing less nitrogen and your body will struggle less to dispose of it so less tired after a long day
From 10 year old if the child has already the Open Water certification
Absolutely not! This is a general fallacy! Indeed Nitrox does not allow to go deeper but to dive in the recreational limits lengthening considerably, especially in repetitive dives dive time in the same day