eXtended Range Nitrox Diving

Take the first step in technical diving with the course XR eXtended Range Nitrox Diving learning the fundamentals of technical diving and starting a new path where you will learn to manage the decompression (up to a maximum of 15 minutes of deco) with Nitrox decompression up to max 50 %. You can push yourself over the limit of recreational diving in complete safety and you can choose the configuration that you prefer, then you do not need for the moment to buy and use technical equipment.

Extend your safe limits
Choose the technical or recreational configuration
Theory with planning of technical dives
Few dives in shallow water and at least 4 deep dives
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Exceeds the safety level, which until today was your limit, but do it safely and enjoy the environment!


Learn to manage the decompression program in deep dives, begin to become familiar with the technical equipment this is the mission of the course XR Nitrox Diving


The course is available in the online version allows you to have access to the entire theory about technical diving, we will then be carried out theoretical / practical and diving lessons. It is the first major step in the technical world.


Theoretical lessons, diving simulations and planning, exercises in shallow water and at least 4 deep dives
PROMO 2017


399 €

Throughout 2017 we offer this course with a special deals because we consider it essential for an experienced diver who wants to engage in deep dives, useless for its structure is perfect to be done during a holiday week.

Nitrox and Deep certifications are required and a minimum of 24 logged dives to join this course
You can choose to use your own equipment, we'll provide you only deco pony tank and then follow the course in recreational configuration or you can try and use technical equipment such as double tanks and dedicated, dual first stage and long hose, this way you'll get the certificate in configuration technique.
Very often you have been forced to stop in a short time wonderful diving because the no-stop time allowed was little or worse still you have accumulated "deco" not knowing how to manage it taking a foolish risk, this course gives you a chance to stretch your times in depth, but do not reduce your security under water indeed you will learn a lot about how to prevent risks.
For 15 years with the above requirements
We begin by saying that it is more dangerous not to respect the limits of recreational diving as unfortunately many people do. Technical diving undoubtedly requires concentration and has less margin of error, but this course is still at an intermediate stage and certainly enables the acquisition in general increased awareness of diving deep and management of themselves in the water.