Freediving course

The Freediving Basic course is the gateway to the world of apnea. A perfect course for those who know how to swim or usually do snorkeling and want to understand better how to try to dive without bottles reaching depths however accessible to everyone.

A very interesting part is the modern breathing and relaxation techniques that make it possible to significantly increase your apnea capacity.

At the end of the course you will feel comfortable and you will realise that apnea is fascinating and above all open to everyone.

Incredible results in just 2 lessons
From 10 years of age
Suitable for everyone
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Be able to reach the bottom with one breath, feel free underwater, an exciting experience!


Learn the proper breathing techniques and the way to freedive up to a minimum of 5 meters


The course consists of theoretical lessons, exercises in confined water and diving at sea


2 pool or shallow water lessons with exercises and few dives in open sea
Package of 2 courses
Big deal for families

Package of 2 courses

99 €

Buy a package for 2 people, such as a father and son or a couple and pay a discounted price. Also great as a Christmas gift, you can decide when to come and visit us during the summer.

Absolutely not! Of course you need at least a minimum of confidence with the sea and a swim capability.
Our diving center provides all the necessary equipment included in the price, it is enough your swimsuit and towel.
Absolutely not! We organise these courses weekly both individually and in classes, however, limited to a maximum of 4 people and according to family vacation dates and times.
The course objective is to provide the basic knowledge to approach Freediving in total safety. Both static and dynamic diving will be taught with diving along a downhill cable, but under no circumstances is it required to overcome the basic limits, simply gaining confidence with the apnea