Photo & Video Diver

Take home photo or video memories of our holidays is now a habit so why not do the same underwater? No matter how many underwater wonders we encounter every time we go down under the sea surface. Take photos underwater, however, is quite complicated because of reduced light, physical phenomena such as refraction and the presence of suspension, if we want our souvenir photos are worthy of an album or a beautiful setting to hang at home we need advice of an expert, the same is true for video and in this case  also the video-mounting is critical. The course Photo & Video provides all this and some useful “tricks” by photographer.

A souvenir of your dive
Available photo & video equipment hire
Practical internship including photo and video editing on PC/MAC
2 dives with the camera and / or camcorder
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Create videos of your dives, add titles and effects, or go in search of specific creatures choose the framing regulates, the light and shoot then creates your album, then share everything on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo


The technique for underwater photography is critical, perhaps even more than on the land, and only with proper training and the advice of an expert you can achieve exceptional results


The course is available in the online version, is studying the theory and then come to us to practice your skills. If you have your own photo or video camera is perfect otherwise we will provide you


In addition to the practical lessons and exercises in the water you will do even of the PC training sessions to learn about the modern photo and video editing software



The course Photo & Video is perfect as a first discipline after the Open Water because it helps improve your buoyancy and immediately allows you to fully enjoy your dives create underwater nice videos or beautiful photo albums to show off to friends.

Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers and is perfect to combine with the PADI Open Water Diver course
If you have an underwater camera is better because you learn right to use your own, that is the same for a video apparatus, but the basic rules still apply then you can also do the course with rental equipment
Why underwater photography is as interesting as complicated without having studied the theory needed, but above all without suggestion by an expert is really difficult to get good results. For the camcorders, the situation is also similar if less technical, here what is important is to learn how to mount and correct video after they are made
For 10 years and is usually fun for children
This is what we will teach you, but basically it's all about the light and how it changes when it passes from air to water while it is much dense and causes a multitude of variations on the light beam