Stress & Rescue diver

Become a Stress&Rescue Diver is a very important step for a diver because it guarantees your and your buddy safety underwater. During this course you learn to manage stress, understand how to act in case of problems during the dive, assist other divers in need, collaborate with professionals in the management of an incident. This is not just a dive certification is a fundamental experience for those who want to dive safely!

Integrated with first aid course
A very important step for all divers
Necessary first aid certificate
Increase your safety
It provides exercise scenarios
3 or more dives in open water
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"The best scuba course, truly necessary for all divers"

"I thought it was unnecessary to attend a course like the Rescue Diver, then Diving in Elba instructors intrigued me and encouraged to participate ... certainly was a perfect choice! I learned a lot about how to handle problems of which I never worried, then I realised that could have happened and I would have no idea how to manage... I would recommend it to anyone, it is a fundamental course for personal safety "

Mauro C.


Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers with minimum Open Water Diver certification
Our diving center will provide you all the special equipment needed for free, such as compass, flashlight, diving computer, emergency buoy, etc.
We structure this course to make it as interesting as possible, so we work alongside beach exercises, some scenarios from the pier and from the boat, but also some standard dives with unexpected exercises to increase the reality of this course. Some exercises must be done in deep water and even then match it into real diving situation.
From 15 years old, of course, because for children would be difficult the practice of rescue
The Rescue Diver does not need to go deeper or do special diving but allows you to feel much more confident in diving and can be a key tool to prevent diving problems and to manage accidents (which in any case we know can happen) ensuring the best rescue possible.


The rescue scenarios are interesting but also extremely fun, especially if done with friends or family, we try to make the most real situations we can.


At the end of the course you will be able to manage any rescue situations with the best techniques, you will know how to manage your stress and that of others, how to prevent or manage problems ... you're definitely a better diver!


The course is available in the online version and it is better to study it before because even the theoretical part is crucial to understand how to approach the practical exercises


Follow theoretical and practical lessons, scenarios, simulation of a minimum of 3 specialty dives