Wreck Diver

Visiting a piece of history on the bottom of the sea is always and exiting experience, exploring ships of different historical period,  know the details of their sinking, taking pictures and videos to show to friends, all this will be possible by attending Wreck Diver course. The wrecks are fascinating but care is needed, technical diving and adroitness us to follow for this type of diving and the end of the course you will know this and will be able to travel the world in search of new emotions flooded!

Required by law in some areas
The wrecks are found everywhere around the world
Equipment specifically provided by the diving center
2 dives
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Dive on wrecks has long been one of the most dreaming experience by divers from all around the world, it has spectacular scenery and usually also provides shelter to numerous marine species


You will learn all the techniques to manage diving on wrecks in total security, how to avoid hurt, getting stuck, to never lose yourself, you will know the particular equipment you need and how to use it


The course is available in the online version, but of course the practical part is essential to become familiar with this type of diving that can be combined with other specialties for the achievement of the certification SPECIALTY DIVER


theoretical lessons / practices and 2 dives are planned wreck with different workouts to do
Specialties Package



Buy a pack of 4 specialties including wreck diving and you will receive free of charge by the SSI MASTER DIVER, the highest step for a diver at a recreational level.

Absolutely not! The course is open to all divers with minimum Open Water Diver certification
Our diving center will provide you for free any particular equipment necessary for the course, such as compass, torch, for reference line of the route, etc.
Wrecks are not only fascinating, but also a refuge for many marine species, it is therefore a great place to dive. In many areas of the world, however you can not dive on wrecks without owning the certification for it and in some cases it would also be risky to do so without the proper preparation provided by professionals with years of experience.
For 10 years, if the child is already Junior Open Water Diver. In this case we will chose only selected wrecks in shallow water (max12 meters depth) and with no hazardous characteristics
Yes we have various wrecks, but the best known is undoubtedly the cargo Elviscott sunk in the 70s in front of Pomonte beach. It is 12 meters deep, so it is accessible to everyone, adults and children