Decompression Diving

Dedicated to divers  who want to go further by finally being able to carry out decompression dives! This specialty aims to bring experienced divers to try decompression dives in total safety, guaranteed by being able to breathe a Nitrox blend of up to 40% oxygen in the decompression pony tank.
No technical configuration of the equipment is required so any recreational diver can participate in this program (only DEEP and NITROX specialty certifications required).
Experience the thrill of deep scuba diving being able to stay longer to explore the wonderful marine life of  Elba Island.

Extended your limits
Plan deco dives in total safety
Perfect course to visit deep wrecks
Can be use standard recreational scuba equipment
More time to be spent on the bottom


Now you can enjoy your deep dives staying longer in total safety


Learn to dive up to 40 meters, being able to exceed the NDL and dive with deco up to 15 minutes. Deco stops will be done with a stage tank (Nitrox mix up to 40%)


Brand new course available online for studying the theory needed to get prepared for the practical sessions.


First theoretical lesson on equipment configuration, then real training with dives in shallow water to be ready for open water dives at variable depths up to 40 meters with decompression.
NEW 2021


499 €

Prezzo promozionale valido dal 2021 per subacquei già brevettati DEEP e Nitrox

DEEP and Nitrox specialty certifications are required
You can use your equipment in a recreational configuration. A stage tank is used for decompression and will be provided by the diving center
How many times have you dreamed of being able to exceed the famous NDL or no-decompression limit to make some particular dives that were normally beyond your reach? Well now you can do it in total safety!