From 8 year old

Scuba Rangers

The youngest children are able to dive for the first time with a wonderful experience they will not forget for a lifetime. The Scuba Rangers is designed for children from 8 to 10 years with a very simple language, the manual is a book of games to let the kids learning underwater terminology and the most important rules. The practical lessons are all 4/5 in confined water: swimming pool or a shallow water area such as a cliff with little depth (maximum 4 meters) and lots of fish to see!

Great if organised as a class with other children
Equipment dedicated to children
Practical lessons with many games
Minimum 4 dives in shallow water
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Either alone or with family or friends this course is fun and challenging for children who learn by playing


The children learn to dive safely with a professional who accompanies them and develop love and respect for the sea


The manual Scuba Rangers is simple and intuitive, it contains many games that stimulate learning


4 theoretical / practical classes involving diving in the pool or in the sea up to 4 meters deep
Great deals buying 2 courses


299 €

Buy a package for 2 children and pay a discounted price, also great as a gift, then you can decide when to come to Elba and do the course during summer

Absolutely not! It is enough a basic feeling with the water and then we will take care to teach the basics
Our diving center provides all the necessary equipment included in the price, he will need swimsuit and towel
Absolutely not! We organize these courses weekly in both individual and classes still restricted to a maximum of 4 children and based on dates and holidays of families
Absolutely not! It is an activity open to all, anyone can participate, the risks are minimal (less than playing soccer) and exciting entertainment!