Absolutely the best diving spot among those available around the Isle of Pianosa, also called the "the big rock of Eagles" for the permanent presence of Eagles Rays (Aquila Myliobatis) throughout the summer, with a particular concentration in July , probably due to reproduction. In this month you can meet groups of 5 to 15 or more swimming in the blue outside from the wall. It is a unique spectacle in the Mediterranean Sea, in fact there are no other areas where it is possible to meet so many during a dive. In addition to this special site with the presence of big Groupers, among which we find some particularly friendly enough to meet the divers and swim literally "rub" as kittens looking for pampering. The numerous photos and videos circulating on the Internet witness this incredible relationship developed between man and animal without the need to feed the fish as they do in other famous dive sites, is a natural affection grew in the years of contact! To complete the spectacle schools of barracuda, snapper and amberjack fast whizzing on the shoal. Sometimes sight a couple of Parrotfish (Scaridae).


Depth 3-40 mt
Type shoal and wall
Level easy
Current light