Compared to other dive sites of this rokcy place has some special features that make the extremely diverse and fascinating underwater trip. Starting always from the surface yellow buoy we can see the giant mooring anchor located on a terrace 10 meters deep plunges in the blue and just outside we find a permanent family of huge Groupers, snappers usually accompanied by and spring / autumn by large Amberjacks. Leaving the mooring towards South we cross a plateau of sea grassPosidonia where it is always possible and common to encounter Eagles Rays (Aquila Myliobatis) to reach the spectacular caves 20 meters long and passes with wide input and output, so absolutely not dangerous. In addition to the caves there is also an equally impressive natural canyon, colorful and populated by Nudibranchs as well as by a large BatiBati (Scyllarus). Wherever we meet Groupers, some Golden Grouper (Epinephelus costae), Snappers and occasional Barracudas.


Depth 10-40 mt
Type wall and caves
Level medium
Current usually light but sometimes more strong