This deep pinnacles are located in the center of the gulf that separates Cape Madonna from St. Andrea's town also called "La Cala". We find various rocks on a sandy bottom at 60 meters up to a minimum of 36 meters on the top of shallowest pinnacle, where usually we place the anchor. This dive is only for technical divers and is one of "deep pearl" of Elba Island and never disappoints! There are always lobsters and Astrosparthus, but the real peculiarity is that it is a cleaning station for sun fish (Mola Mola). It takes very calm sea conditions for this type of diving and still current at this point is constant even on the bottom making it a challenging dive but ensuring the spectacular sea fan of red gorgonians (Paramuricea Clavata) that well over a meter in diameter.


Depth 36-60 mt
Type deep pinnacle
Level hard
Current quite always light sometimes strong