As the name indicates the small rocks of Zanca are part of a reefs that lie offshore from Cape Zanca, shortly after St. Andrea. We are at the west point of Elba Island, just in front of Corsica, where the currents are often very strong so it creates an ideal habitat for many marine organisms. For this reason, this dive site is one of the most renowned of Elba and deserves at least two dives to visit. We moor the boat directly close to a spectacular wall completely covered by red gorgonias (Paramuricea Clavata) from 25 to 50 meters detph. The wall is very long, impossible to do it in a single dive so usually we follow for quite half and then turn in a canyon which will lead us to a plateau at about 20 m. In this area live sedentary a big school of barracuda and snappers are often encountered. The trip back to the boat is a succession of canyons, tunnels between the rocks and arches, all colonized by porifers, sea daisies (Parazoanthus), nudibranchs of every shape and color, small lobsters, groupers and conger ... is a dive not to be missed!


Depth 0-50 mt
Type boulders/wall
Level hard
Current moderate/sometimes strong