In the south-west of the island and more specifically close to Ogliera's rock in front of the small beach of Pomonte on 10th January 1972 the Elviscot, an Italian cargo of 499 tons, left from Naples to Marseilles , ending up shipwrecked on the rocks, fortunately without consequences for the crew. The wreck remained with the semi sunken bow aground on the rocks, creating a potential hazard for swimmers of the nearby beach. For this reason, soon the hull was partially recovered and the rest completely sunk. Now the entire stern, the bridge and part of the forward side, lie on the sandy bottom, on the east side of the Ogliera's Rock, just 12 meters deep. The ship is completely covered with marine organisms and has become a safe place for many fishes. The ship bridge is easy to explore, through the huge upper opening. Passing from the bridge we can enter inside without problems, straight to the engine room where it is still preserved the entire engine system. Two large doors allowing to trace along a corridor where among suggestive plays of light created by the sun's rays that penetrate through the vents and portholes.


Depth 0-12 mt
Type wreck
Level easy
Current  usually no or light