Between Cape Nasuto and Cape Madonna we notice a thin rocky peninsula which cuts the rock cove overlooking the sea, this point is called "Slim Rock". Here the sea is usually flat, especially when the wind blows from the south and allows us nice diving. It descends on a sea grass (Posidonia) area, but after a few meters the plants end abruptly giving way to a white sandy plateau. Reached 18 meters deep we meet a first big rock encrusted with colorful sponges and inhabited by conger, moray eels and octopuses. It runs along the east side and we notice a second just ahead about 24 meters deep then a third, a fourth and a fifth so on ... so without realizing we are already at 40 meters and we have to stop. Here we can look for lobsters and sometimes is possible to meet sun fishes (Mola Mola)!


Depth 0-50 mt
Type rocks on white sandy bottom
Difficoltà medium
Corrente light/moderate