About half a mile off of Cape Enfola is the deep pinnacle called the "Traffic light", to find it you have to make a jump in the blue up over 40 meters along the anchor or a buoy, but it's worth it! It is a big rock spot on the sand and 52 goes back about 40 meters, completely covered with red and yellow gorgonias (Paramuricea Clavata) (Eunicella Cavolini) as well as a multitude of colorful sponges. There are more and often very large lobsters and you can discover in splits some specimens of spotted shark (Scyliorhinus Heat wave), remained in the area after depositing their eggs on gorgonians. Often we had a meeting with a huge fish St. Peter (Zeus Faber). It is reserved to divers diving with technical level.


Depth 42-52 mt
Type deep pinnacle
Level hard
Current in case of current it isn't possible to dive here